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Name: Jake Jensen
Canon: The Losers
Scrubs Color: Navy Blue
Visible Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"

Physique: Tall and broad with a narrow waist; shaped like a Dorito.
Complexion: Pale, freckles easily. Is of Anglo-Saxon descent, so also tends to burn quickly, and hard. He gets very cranky about it.
Hygiene: Generally good, but can get scruffy/rumpled if he gets too wrapped up in what he's doing.
Hair: Very light brown, bleaches easily to blond in the sun.
Eyes: Blue.
Defining Marks: Has a bull skull and horns tattoo on his left shoulder, a handful of scars in varying degrees of healing all over his body, wire-rimmed round glasses, and a mustache-less goatee a full beard.
Accent/Speech: Generic American East Coast accent. He also speaks six languages, with varying degrees of fluency:
» English
» Russian
» German
» Danish
» Pashto
» Cantonese (just enough to swear)
Jake is actually pretty graceful, all things considered. He's highly athletic and physical, and has a good awareness of his body. That being said, he can be kind of a spazzy klutz when he stops paying attention or gets too excited about something. Tends to flail as he gets more and more worked up about whatever topic he's discussing.
Surprisingly quiet for such a big guy. He tends to lope, moving in something that's not quite a jog, but faster than a normal walking pace. He's got long legs, and he's used to being on a tight schedule, so he's learned to move his booty without dawdling to get from point A to point B.
» Jake counts his steps, especially up/down stairs (this is because he's functionally blind without his glasses, and has stumbled around in the dark enough times to know that he needs to know where he's going even without them).
» He also fidgets all the time, constantly tapping whatever he's holding against the nearest hard surface, or bopping his head along to whatever tune he's currently humming.
» Which ties in nicely to his next habit, which is singing. Constantly. Even if he doesn't know the words, he'll mumble something under his breath without even seeming to realize he's doing it. He tends to favor bubblegum pop or disco classics, but he'll sing anything and everything as long as it's got a tune.
Unfortunately, a large portion of Jake's skills won't really be much help in an Edwardian-era town. Apart from his encyclopedic knowledge of random facts, Jake's skills tend to lean towards the technical side. He's capable of building shelter with minimal tools if he has to, and has slightly better than average general survival skills from being in Spec Ops for so long, but his area of expertise is technology.

All that aside, he's strong, and he's stubborn, and once he's set his mind to something, he's going to see it through. Being a corporal means he's fine with being on the low end of the hierarchical totem pole, and he's good at following orders (as long as he respects the person giving them and agrees that they are necessary). His relentless cheer would also be considered a strength; despite how low and helpless he may feel, he will ruthlessly suppress that and insist on looking on the bright side of life for the sake of the others around him. He's a good guy to have around in a crisis, because despite his propensity to spout off at the mouth, he's calm and efficient when shit hits the fan.